Ducting on attic floor.

Why should the A/C flex duct be suspended from the attic floor.
How new is this requirement? A home owner / buyer wanted to know.
He’s an attorney. so I thought I might try to get a good answer for him.:roll:
All help is appreciated. This message board rocks.
I have two inspections to do so I’ll be back later. :stuck_out_tongue:

How does someone suspend flex duct from an attic floor?

Hi to all,

IRC state the following:

  • Ductwork to be a min 4’ above ground
  • Flex duct to be supported every 4ft with 1 1/2" straps or to manufacters specs


Flex Duct does not have to be suspended (in the attic).

It can absolutely be laid on the attic floor…

here in some parts of ohio 14’’ is required above attic floor its usully up to the inspector or some builders prefrence