I was looking up in my attic, I live in south Florida. I seen this duct work just hanging there as shown in the picture with this black item pushed inside. Is this normal?


Is your attic cool?

Looks like they were either conditioning your attic or a duct has disconnected. That black thing is the flex duct inside the duct insulation.

well there is no place under that area for a duct outlet into the house, that area is right about my garage area. And it is really hot in the attic during the day time.

The flex duct is designed that way to prevent moisture on the insulation.


Follow the duct and ensure it is not just an extra piece of duct that was just laying up there. If not then its a supply or a return duct…without seeing more…no one can answer.

Well I just found out on that same side of the house the master bedroom, there is no suction at the return vent in there. But its not like the return duct fell off and just laying there. Its a good 5-6 feet away from the air handler area where its laying

Did you not inspect this house before you purchased it how long have you lived there

you know the old saying Charlie
The shoemakers kids go barefoot lol

Made that mistake before.

I did not inspect. It was before I became a home inspector. I payed for an inspection. Sad thing is that duct is the first thing you see once you go in the attic hatch.

Did you read the report?

Yes. No mention of anything wrong on A/c section except dirty filter and missing filter cover which was covered with duct tape.

This thread is scaring me!

With all the crap that Florida is imposing on home inspectors, we have an inspected house for an inspector and nobody knows what the duct is for, and appears unable to do so.

Y’all know that I do not believe home inspectors should be inspecting the HVAC equipment operation, but you should at least know what the components are and what they do and if they are correct.

My swag is that someone was going to hook up the air handler in the garage and decided not to.

Maybe you can climb back up there and see if it’s attached anything operational.

I sure hope you don’t expect us to diagnose your situation without your input.
This message board may be a source of “free information” that most of us invested a lot of money in obtaining and a lot of time experiencing, but you need to get off your duff and collect some information before you come here and ask questions that are impossible to answer.

Well since I payed a professional “NACHI” home inspector I figured something like that would easily have been seen. But I’m past that and just in the learning stage. I have answered a lot of questions and just posting trying to make sure I am not overlooking something like that inspector did. Its not like my a/c stopped blowing cold and I am asking WHY? that would be crazy and dumb. But before I even posted I went back to the a/c nachi class and the little bit of information about duct work did not really help me or tell me much so I came here to pick a few brains and learn a few things. But once again any questions asked I have gone back and answered. I am here to LEARN, so that when I go into the field I will be that much smarter from the members of NACHI and what I have learned. Afterall this was the selling point for joining… The training and the forum and all the great help you can get from other members.

Your here to learn, and I’m here to teach. But you have to participate in providing the information. I applaud your taking the initiative to take classes and go back and try to look this up, but before you look something up you need to thoroughly investigate what it is you’re trying to find.

“A black thing stuck in the duct” indicates to me that you have no idea what the construction of this material is. A Lotta more research is necessary on your part.

Is it connected to anything?

Does it blow or suck any air?

You don’t need a NACHI class for this, and we sure as hell can’t determine this for you from here.

You are right I did not know that material inside the duct work that was just hanging out. But I did say that there is no suction in the bedroom return, that there is no place within 5-6 feet for it to connect and looks like they just layed it there and forgot to install it the correct right way. But like I said I still have a lot to learn and I am reading online and trying to pick up as much info as I can. Then hopefully I can talk an hvac company in for a ride along and spend some time with them learning more from them, and so on and so on and pick as many minds as I can in the process before I even think of stepping in a customers house.

Good job!

I don’t mean to jump in your cornflakes, but there are way too many inspectors that find reason not to collect the appropriate information in their inspections and simply recommend further evaluation by somebody else (who is generally the one that screwed up in the first place).


This is why mentoring is so important .
The new Homie gets much information from going out with an experienced Inspector.
Works out better for the newbie and better for the public .