Do these need to be seperated or what?


Bad photo, had to squint.

Guessing this is a main service panel, and from the green screw, they are bonded. The green screw I see might be a mistake, have a larger photo?


The lack of a main breaker indicates that this is a MLO panel used as a sub.


That “do not flip…” sticker on the water heater breaker makes me think that this is a brand new installation. What a shame. Mobile home/double wide? Just wondering, because that’s where we normally see those stickers employed.

Here is a bigger photo. This was on a new construction home. No code enforcers in this area. A lot of issues with this one. It is of a sub panel located in the garage.


Nice, it looks like I was seeing things.

Was there a disconnect? Maybe another main panel? Regardless there appears(guessing monitor dirty) no EGC’s. So there should be a separation of the neutral and ground bars(which appears missing) but the problem here seems it’s fed with SE cable (3 conductor no ground) rather than SER.

So enough guessing, defer to a qualified electrician. :wink:


I suspect they are trying to use 250.32(B)(2) and only run a 3 wire feeder, OK so far, but where is the required disconnect?

The main disconnect was on the exterior of the home. 200 amp main.

You also need a disconnect at any other building. This could be up to 6 breakers.

Ah let me guess, you saw some green wires entering the disconnect?

If not flag it for that too. :wink:


When you say Garage…Attached or Detached…?

This will have a bearing on IF an attempt to use 250.32(B)(2) but as everyone stated you still need the OCPD and it’s own GEC and GE