Here we go again!

From one of today’s inspections. Seller says he has a permit for the water heater somewhere. :roll:

LOL, did you check to see if it works?:wink:

That’s what makes Home inspection interesting. It never ceases to amaze me what people do! Pipe is pipe, isn’t it?? LOL

Wow, Do not think I have ever seen one of those set ups. For some reason most of the homes I have inspected do not even have the discharge line coming off the TPR

In case someone didn’t catch it. That is electrical conduit used and it wasn’t even glued together.

Yeah, I picked up on that, but so screw up that mentioning it would not make much difference on a mess like that.

But just think how well those smooth radius bends will flow compared to plumbing fittings that use hard 90s…

About the only benefit.:wink:

That might have been interesting to watch! :stuck_out_tongue: