Duplex Inspection...

What do you consider a fair price to inspect 2 units-1100 S.F. 4 Bedrooms 3 baths each with Crawlspace sans Garage? Keep in mind that if info is accurate, the BDRM’s would have to be the size of closets in 1100 S.F.

I do duplexes and triplexes all the time and I charge the regular square footage price for the first unit and roughly 1/2 of the square footage for each additional unit.

For example:
$375.00 for the first unit up to 3000 sq. ft.
$125.00 for each additional unit

Prices can vary depending on the structure though.

Hi to all,

Scott, I’d be about where you’re at on pricing, the problem is at present I’d loose the gig to someone willing to take it for $275-299, I think in the current market I’d pitch $450 and be prepared to negotiate $400-425.



My pricing is similar to Scott’s, but I don’t like posting prices in these public sections. . .

Sorry Jeff, didn’t think about that.

Seems like a fair price which would sell here to.

These units are very small, should not take more than three hrs. I wouldn’t think. But I have no idea about crawlspaces, cannot remember the last one I have even seen.

I quoted $450, lost it to $250.

Fricken bottom feeders

$250.00 ??? You’ve got some desperate HI’s in your area.

My 2 family with termite inspection is $395.00

Bunches of them!

I’m glad your health has improved so you can get back to doing inspections.

A fool and his or her money will soon be departed. You get what you pay for. :-({|=

No improvement, I cannot afford to quit, I will work til I drop. I choose to die trying, rather than while eating out of a dumpster. I cannot choose the time, but I can the How. Thanks, if you meant it.