Duro-Last Roof

I am on this inspection as I post and haven’t had the opportunity to research this material. Does anyone have any experience with this Duro-Last Roofing System? I’ve never seen it before.

It appears to simply be a vinyl-fabric oofing material.



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You probably have this already, but heres a link for the product… http://www.duro-last.com/generalContent/protecting_investment.asp

I can get product data all day long. I am looking more for “experience” with this material - i.e. problems associated with it and longevity.

I looked over the brochure and it’s warranted for 15 years.

Installation is everything especially around transitions, vents and chimneys. The other item to worry about is physical damage. Any type of overhanging tree is a potential issue. I warned a client about having a tree trimmed above his Mansard style roof with this exact product. He didn’t. 1st storm and off came a branch and it stuck right through the surface. There were also leaks around the chimney. He did say that the installation company came right out and took care of any leaking areas.

In your area I would be more concerned with the 15 year life span and whether the UV stabilizers in the product can withstand the constant sun.

Thanks Steve.

The sellers had the brochure, which included some sample-material pieces. It’s a two-layer system with “welded” seams. There were some buckles in the material that I didn’t like, but other than that, it seemed fine.

Jeff, you might what to read a few of the reviews here;


Good reading Marcel - thanks.