E and O insurance, General Liabililty question

Looking for feedback on insurance providers. Has any one used Inspector Pro and/or CH insurance. Both advertised on Nachi web site. And is $100, 000 an acceptable coverage for E and O.

Thanks, Dan Boyer

InspectorPro is my Insurer.
Has been since 2008…

Adam C. Kling
InspectorPRO Insurance Program
Citadel Insurance Services
826 E State Rd, Suite 100
American Fork, UT 84003
801.610.2704 (Direct)
801.610.2701 (Fax)


Try these guys:
****GREI of America


Thanks Everyone. I decided to go with Inspector Pro. GREI gave me a good quote also.

Dan Boyer

What type of quote did you get? I have Elite MGA (The Hartford).