Inspector Pro; GL and E&O

After checking around for GL and E&O insurance, I got a call from Inspector Pro Insurance. Since I was waiting around for a call-back from another insurance company, I listened to the agent (Tom) and he made a great case and freely explained the process. Not only did I receive a better price for my coverage, Tom made the process, easy. He mentioned that Inspector Pro is supported by INTERNACHI and I made the choice, then and there-- Walt

Inspector Pro Insurance is the way to go. Here is Will Colton’s email:

Tell him I sent ya. You won’t be sorry.

Thanks NICK!

Walter: I’m glad we have added you to our list of excellent insurance clients. I’m also thrilled that Thomas (Tom) took such great care of you. I assure you that this excellent service will continue and we hope to have formed a long lasting professional relationship.

I know my competitors and in most cases know their policies even better than they do. I can assure you that you cant find a better product, for a better price or better service out there.

Welcome Walter

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