E&O for canadian

Has anybody heard something on E & O insurance for Canadians through Nachi ?

They’re looking into a plan through Lloyds of London at this time. They say the full NACHI plan recently introduced in the U.S. should be available in Canada within a couple of months.

Thank you George, looking forward to see that.

Dee either has it done or almost.

This will Make a lot of people Happy so Glad for them .
As per Usual NACHI again is way ahead of the PACK.
Wow! NACHI really is on top.

I hope its sometime soon, i’ve been hearing about this for a long time. I also hope the premiums are better than what I currently pay. ($4650 + PST)

At the Barrie meeting in Sept I beleive they said would be a few months at least. At that time they hadn’t even an idea of who the carrier would be.

In my opinion insurance should not cost any more than $1500. But that is wishful thinking on my part.

Ouch that has to hurt the bottom line:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Another promise not followed through on by Nick, I am beginning to lose count…

How can you lose count when you just joined recently???

Holloweenee has come and gone has it not, opps forgot you are on isle time.

Wow, you must be Nick.

Web ratings down lately?

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