E&O and Liability Coverage amounts

Before anyone asks, I did search and didn’t find an answer to this question. How much Liability and E&O insurance do most of you consider adequate? (100,000.00, 200,000.00, 500,000.00 etc.)

Thank you for help., it’s much appreciated.

What state are you in, do they have requirements?
I carry $1,000,000 'cause Florida requires that amount for licensed mold assessors. The carrier does not allow me to have different amounts so I have to purchase it for everything.
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Thanks Marc,

I’m in Georgia and there are no set rules for insurance, that I can find. Since this is the first time I’m purchasing this kind of insurance, I’m not sure as to the amount that is adequate for my purposes. Thanks again.

If I had my way I’d look for $300K.

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