G&L + E/O insurance coverage limits

I tried searching and couldn’t find it but know this must have been discussed before. So sorry in advance.

How much insurance coverage do you carry?

Indiana requires a minimum of $100,000 of G&L only, but I don’t know how much I should get. Any reqemendatuons would help me.

If you have an ins. agent then consult them or start talking to some and compare their advice.

Thanks but can you tell me how much coverage you have? I have contacted several insurance brokers and I’m at a loss.

Call Dave Wicker

I carry 1 million.

Ditto including E&O, my deductible is $1500.

I have had a Million dollar policy in the past myself. I now carry the min coverage possible, pool and termite included.

I hear ya Brian.
The state demands a million E&O for my mold assessor license, 1/2 mil for my termite license.
Other than that no E&O required.
The InspectorPro program won’t “separate” categories, all or none so
that’s how I ended up with it on liability, everything.

Not much mold here :smiley:

Joshua, I just replied back to your email. Every business is different on their insurance needs, then some states have their own requirements.

Give me a call and we can go through some choices for you.