E and O questions

My $2300 E & O renewal is coming up, how many of you guys carry this and how much is your deductable? Mine is $5000 which I 've been told is high, I’m thinkning of not renewing. I’ve always looked at this insurance like it gave my company credablity but now we have the license. My attorney told me it would be very difficult for me to get sued when the agreement has been signed by the clients. I value everyone’s opinion in this forum and would appreciate any advice you may have.

$2300 is not much considering you have the potential to gross $150,000 /year. A license will not give your company credibility, that’s a joke. I see you do mold inspections. Do you carry insurance for that?

You can get 1 mill in E&O and 1 mill in liability and a 2,500 deductable for around 1,700.00 a year with sarah at GREI

contact her at sarah@grei.biz tell her you are an INTERnachi member and that I sent you for all the discounts. Thanks, ckint mckie

Find another attorney.