E & O Insurance companies in Canada

My E & O Insurance is up for renewal in Ontario, Canada. Wondering if anyone has some recommendations for who to go with. Last time I checked there was only one company who offered this type of insurance to home inspectors in ON: Totten. Does anyone know if this is still the case or is there somewhere else I can go to get a quote?

Unfortunately, yes, all home inspector insurance in Canada, leads back to HUB International. Therefore, they can continue to soak us for home inspector insurance.


I’m in Ontario and have been with Fredericks through Brokerlink for ever. Premiums always going up for no apparent reason. Gave them $4400. last renewal. Gave me pause for sure. Especially based on business the last year. Thought of tailing and going without but thats just bad business. I just sucked it up and wrote the check. Had some Gibsons to ease the pain.