Looking for new E&O insurance company

Does anyone know of a better company then Hub, as they have just become to expensive. Let me know as I need to start looking for better options Thanks.

EVERYONE is too expensive:twisted:
What can you do?

They got us buy the short hairs

Try these guys.


Thanks Dan I will give them a call.

Have a look at this company. They are in Alberta as well as the East coast. They are currently soliciting me with better rates and some advantages that sound pretty good. Here’s the link. www.inspectr.ca

Best rate I got was from:

Chris Healy
URS Insurance Brokers
5045 Orbitor Drive, Bldg 11, Ste 301
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 4Y4

Office: 416-987-2646 x 222 / 1-888-747-2646
Cell: 416-809-9695
Fax: 1-866-801-7774
Email: chealy@ursinsurance.com
Web: www.ursinsurance.com

I’m insured through Totem Group $2000 a year. Whats everyone else paying.

Does not matter what you are paying without information on the coverage limits. You need to compare apples and apples for the comparison to have any credibility.