E&O insurance companies

Does anyone use someone other than Elite MGA for E&O insurance. Thank you in advance

Put E & O Insurance into the search function. (Upper right spy glass)

I’ve heard many are happy with(from search):

Get with David Wicker with CH Insurance: http://www.chinsurance.cc/HomeInspectorInsurance

I dont pay five grand.


Not anymore!!

I had a negative experience with him.
Would never consider again.

Bob Pearson of Allen Insurance Group. Good advice and never had a problem. Been with Bob for over 10 years

Robert Pearson with Marion Allen Ins Group for 12 yrs. Great folks

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My provider & recommendation is Steve & Don Nixon at Southern Preferred MGA, Inc.
I do think, however, they only provide coverage in Texas. Maybe they have a Florida affiliate? None the less, here is their website for any Texas guys.