GL insurance in Florida

Anyone have a recommendation for GL only insurance?

I’ve used CHUBB but need to find another company. Reasonable but have had issues with getting simple stuff on policy corrected like my home address, company name, new home address. Been working through issues for 3 years and just found another address issue. My worry is if I ever need to make a claim they will claim the policy was incorrect and not cover it!

Robert, I use Elite/MGA but have both GL & E/O through them. Don’t know if they only write GL.

Allen Insurance was always at the FABI events, they write a lot of policies for HI’s. I think they merged with another carrier last year.

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I have had E&O and GL but I am looking at quitting home inspections and just doing some draw inspections. I do not need E&O for that.

Out of curiosity, what happens if you miss something in a draw inspection?


The report is reviewed by the company and on a rare occasion they will call to ask about something that was shown on the photos. Other than that, they can contact the bank or schedule another draw.

The biggest issue is that occasionally the builder or the buyer will complain that I did not give them credit for materials that have been delivered and they have to pay for. I can only give them credit if the materials have been installed.

I did have someone complain once that I had given them full credit for something that was not complete. Unfortunately I do not have access to the plans or specs so I did not realize that it was not done.

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