E & O Insurance

Just got my renewal from Allen Ins…WHAT THE F@#K happened. I have had no claims and my premiums went up about $1000.

Anyone else experiencing this?

So I am getting qoutes has anyone heard of or had experience with


please let me know thanks.


Email or Call Riskpro Insurance


I was with Allen, liked the company and service like them faxing me additionally insured, etc…but Riskpro saved me a thousand dollars, their right at the phone when I call, and answer emails within minutes.

Absolutely, Lauren at RiskPro is the way to go.

Looks like Riskpro not available in CA. or WA. :frowning:

Mike I sent you an email on obtaining E&O insurance as well as GL. Hope it helps.

I sent you an email on my E&O provider.

Hope it helps!

Got a post card in the mail from these guys. Anyone using them?


That is who I was asking about but apparently it is not showing up in my post. His name is John Remark with First Indemnity Insurance. He qouted me about $2800 for 500k/1m coverage with a $1000 ded. and first dollar defense. Includes refering agents, pool/spa and commercial upto 300k sq. ft. (except restaurants).

Sounds like an awesome deal, but I want to see if anyone else is working with him. He seemed really knowledgable and took the time to explain everything in detail and wanted to make sure I under stood (this insurance crap can be confusing sometimes)

Personally Mike I’ve use OREP for a few years now. Resonable rates, good coverage, give them a shout and see what they can do for you. Ask for David.

  1. 347-5273 * info@orep.org * www.orep.org
    David Brauner


Allen Insurance sent me a letter wanting to know why I switched carriers, it was a VERY easy choice saving a thousand dollars…!!

And Allen wanted to know if I wanted to buy tail coverage since they canceled my policy which expired anyway.

RiskPro also provides tail coverage…I am thrilled I found them…!!

Thank God I did not throw that letter sent to me which I usually shred without even opening…!!


Drop Robert Dupuis a line. He can not write in California but has offered to help find someone that might. He introduced a tremendous policy for us Texans and it is by far the best I have seen. It covers EVERYTHING, except of course WDI inspections and the normal pollutant discharge, etc. disclaimers. It even covers building code compliance inspections to give you an idea how complete it is. Robert’s contact info is:

Robert Dupuis
Allstate Insurance
1333 W. McDermott Dr. Suite 200
Allen, TX 75013
PH 214-547-7222
FAX 214-547-0061

I had talked with Robert and his quote was better than Allens that I had, but no where close to the one I ended up going with with Riskpro.

I also got the impression that Robert, while very nice and actively helpful, was not as experienced with E & O type policies.

Just my 2cents. All that being said, I probably would have gone with robert, had I not found Riskpro.

Ok here are the two best qoutes I have received thus far. I tried Allstate last year and never got anywhere. The local Allstate agents didnt even know what E & O insurance is.

Here we go.

First Indemnity Insurance Services
John Remark Agent (First Mercury Insurance Co is the carrier)

500k/1mil $1000 ded for $2808.26 after taxes & fees
1st dollar defense
commercial upto 300k sq.ft. (except restaurants)
referral Endorsement
pools & spas (100k sublimit)
General Liability
Also includes some other things but I am listing the important stuff.


500k/1 mil $2500 ded for $2750 not clear if this includes taxes & fees

Their qoute does not clearly state if the coverage includes:
referral endorsement
general Liability

I am thinking of signing with First Indemnity Insurance Services (John Remark). Has any one heard of or dealt with them? Their website is www.homeinspectorliability.com

I have OREP and E&O is $1250 with 3 or more yrs experience.

I have them 300,000/300,000 and it cost me $2248.178-