E & O Prices

Been getting quotes for E & O insurance (100,000/100,000). So far cheapest is Hartford at $1150/year. Anyone seen it cheaper lately??

This is only for E & O, I get my GL through my local insurance carrier.


That’s a pretty good price. What’s the deductible?

That’s a really good price, I pay. 2850/yr through hub international

http://www.nachi.org/insurance Contact our rep Will Colton at: wcolton@citadelus.com The price is comparable but the service is second to none.

Consider 300/300 with 2500 deductible , it’s not much more and in today’s climate 100k could easily run dry and then your pocket. Just think it through… 1500 or less is a good rate with GL included. I have 5 quotes on my desk now for February renewal and I’m looking to find that carrier that I will likely stay with from here on out so I’m comparing line by line.

You are trying to compare USA inspector’s to you a Canadian Inspector .

They pay much less then we do.

In New Jersey state law requires us to carry (500,000/500,000) and I pay around 2000 with The Hartford. They also include 500,000 in Liability


I contacted them Nick. They would not break up the E & O and the GL. My GL carries a much higher amount 1,000,000/2,000,000 which I like and is only $250/yr with no deductible. Spoke with Jason Fiack.

Thanks George…I worry more about the other guy, but you are right that 100,000 can go in a hurry these days. I did get a quote for 100,000/300,000 which was an additional 70 bucks a year. I’ll check on the other…

So Troy who do you have GL with?

It is through my local insurance carrier. Might be cheaper as I get other insurance through them…The company is Acuity.


I have a $ 1mil GL policy with Pekin Insurance for my commercial inspections for about $250/yr. http://www.pekininsurance.com/

Thanks for the info guys. Sounds like its a good price.

Called your guy, and asked for an urgent quotation around 15th December, never came.

Continued with HUB…

Second to none? I beg your pardon.

Maybe he was sleeping off too much eggnog? :slight_smile:

Troy, I’m about the same price for $100/$300 coverage with a policy that has more included coverage’s.
Call me to discuss,

Chris, I have a $1 million/$2 million Full small business owners policy available in most states and regions for $500.00 It covers, tools, equipment, your home office equipment (which most inspectors don’t realize is not covered under most home owners) in addition it has hired and non owned auto coverage. It is a true small business owners policy, NOT just a premise liability.
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Indiana doesn’t require that much, but I carry that much. It was $200 more to go from 250k/250k with GL to 500k/500k with GL. Deductible is $2,500. Remember insurance is there for the really big ticket problems. All of the piddly issues you should just pay out of pocket. I won’t even call my agent if it looks like less than $5,000, but I haven’t had an issue, yet.

Everyone has their own opinion, though.