E60BX for sale

FLIR E60bx camera kit for sale. Leaving energy business. Camera is in perfect condition. Retail $7495. Asking $5000 and will throw in an Extech MO297 bluetooth moisture meter that works with camera. New FLIR model purchased 5/11, hard case, 2 batteries, software, etc… 320x240 sensor with .0045 sensitivity, works with iPad and iPod too. Camera is 5 yrs old and works great.

email me if interested.


Not interested in the camera, however, was just curious, are you getting out of IR altogether? If so, can I ask why? Again, just for curiosity purposes as I have been “up in the air” regarding getting into IR. Would appreciate your input & thanks in advance.


I want to buy a new one. I have no idea what mine is worth. I do not use the blue tooth and never have. its a good camera. I don’t do energy audits or stand alone TI inspections.

Anyone interested, make me an offer

IMO… a USED 5 year old camera should be 60% off current retail… IF in good condition.

MSX or NO?

I don’t know what msx means. give me a clue and ill check into it

I was debating buying it but I do want a camera with MSX.

NVM. It’s older.