FLIR E60 bx camera kit for sale

Have a “new” (used 4 times) FLIR E60bx camera kit for sale. Leaving energy business. Camera is in perfect condition and includes FLIR transferable 2/5/10 year warranty. Retail $7495. Asking $5500 and will throw in new Extech MO297 bluetooth moisture meter that works with camera. New FLIR model purchased 5/11, hard case, 2 batteries, software, etc… 320x240 sensor with .0045 sensitivity, works with iPad and iPod too.

This is a good deal right?

Used 4 times, but how old is it? It could be 3 years if you never used it. Age is relavent to price.


This is a heck of a deal. The moisture meter costs $650 and talks to the camera via bluetooth and FLIR’s “Interlink” technology. Extech is owned by FLIR btw. Send me an email to and I can provide more details on the camera kit. This is a “heavy duty” package with soft rubber wraps around the unit and includes regular and “Professional” report generation software. An $8145 value for $5500.

“New” FLIR e60bx. Purchased April, 2011 and used 4 times. Under FLIR’s 2/10 year warranty. Perfect condition. Hard case, 2 batteries, software, cables, and accys. List = $7495. Make offer.

The unit is 9 months old and was released by FLIR last spring. This is FLIR’s “top of the line” building diagnostics unit. 320x240 sensor, .0045 sensitivity, built-in bluetooth and WiFi, and has apps for the iPad/iPod. State of the art …

The unit is approx 9 months old and was released by FLIR last Spring. This is FLIR’s current 'top of the line" building diagnostics IR camera featuring bluetooth, WiFi, Meterlink, and iPod/iPad apps.

That’s a good deal. Plus the warranty is transferrable.

Let me think about it. Would you take $5,000 paid tonight by Credit card?


PayPal charges 3% for a transaction or $150 for a $5000 payment. I’m not willing to go to $4850 (net) on this camera. Contact me at or 513-237-0155 and we can discuss further. Regards.

ok good luck

Its a good deal. Keep in mind the camera only goes to 120c (248F). It is a great building diagnostics camera, but if you plan on doing industrial, etc in the future you could be limited by the temp range.


Damn, why do you have to rain on his parade?:roll:

Good point to consider but 99% of Home Inspectors will not use that option and in most cases are not trained (or will be) to be doing this type of work.

If it’s a good deal, I would take it as it is.

There are Hi Temp upgrades if needed in the future, not cheap buut can bee added with camera maintenance.

There are a bunch of good deals on IR cameras out there right now.

One of our local guys just bought the same outfit 3 months ago for $3,000 off 1 of the inspector sites. The owner had bought a bunch of nice tools to start inspecting. Then his business never got off ground.

I was with him when he opened his new Flir 60 and everything was still wrapped in plastic … Never even been turned on.

This $3000 deal was probably the FLIR B60. This is an “older model” with 180x180 sensor; .01 sensitivity, and none of the newer features of the E60 bx released last Spring. This “older” model does not have WiFi, iPad/iPod apps, built-in report generator, etc… I traded-in the B60 for the E60bx and the new E60bx is completely in another league versus the older model.

I am interested. can you send me pictures of equipment to

Pictures sent as requested.

By the way guys, if his original post is accurate, this is an E60BX kit. Which means it comes with the upgraded software. That is a $250.00 upgrade and the moisture meter (MO297) retails at $649.00. That moisture meter is really nice. Does a lot of ambient functions as well as pinless and pinned moisture meter. The pinned portion uses probes, so you can attach several different options to the meter for destructive type moisture detection.

I couldn’t even do this deal at the price he is offering at my cost…not even close.

Plus I keep forgetting you can upgrade a Flir, so the temp range isnt really that big of a deal.



You are correct. This is the FLIR E60BX deluxe kit. Includes “regular” reporting software, camera upgrading software, as well as the FLIR Professional Reporting software. The Extech MO297 ($650 value) bluetooth moisture meter is also included in this offer, featuring FLIR’s “Interlink” system for wireless transfer of moisture readings from the meter to the IR images on the camera. It’s a very cool and comprehensive system IMO.