Flir B50 or B60

Question …

Got a friend looking at the yellow Flir B50 or B60 (used). He’s seen a couple of used B50’s for $2,000 and a B60 for $3,300.

Anybody got any experience with either of these.

Dan, I used one as a loaner for a few weeks. Was a good camera, felt like it was going to be in service for a long time. Resolution 180x180 and 70mk for resolution (pretty good)

I’d give a thumbs up for the camera for sure! However, I’m just wondering, for $3K… there are some other choices, maybe even a 320x240 imager like the Flir / Thermacam EX320 for probably around same? Or a brand new Flir E6 with MSX and a little better sensitivity (little less resolution too) for a bit over $2K

BX320 is available for $3k.

A better choice.

PM me about contact info.

Sounds nice. The kid works with me part time and remodels part time. He’s looking for something with a memory card and wants pistol grip type IR so will hang in his tool belt. I showed him my Fluke but he thought it was too heavy and too big for what he wants

Anybody else got experience with the Flir B50 or B60 (the yellow ones)

Very good camera made by flir, it is an older model, if you do buy one also invest in 1 or 2 more batteries.