Early Voting Shows Even Race

N. Texas residents say machines switched Dem votes

—At least two Palo Pinto County residents say they experienced early voting problems when the touch-screen voting machines they used kept switching their straight-party vote from Democratic to Republican.

Intending to vote straight party on the Democratic ticket, Jones said she was surprised Wednesday when the electronic voting machine “on the left as you face the machines” in the courthouse basement asked her if she wanted to cast her vote for a straight Republican ticket.

“The second time I was sure to just touch the Democratic button,”

the machine responded to her selection, “’Do you want to change your Republican straight ticket vote to a Democratic vote?’ I pressed, ‘Yes,’ then it came back up and it was a total Republican ticket again.”

Questions in West Virginia
Later Wednesday, Jones looked online to see if this problem showed up elsewhere. She found an Internet article from the Charleston Gazette in Charleston, W.Va., citing voting irregularities similar to her experience with the same type of machine used in Palo Pinto County — an Election Systems & Software’s iVotronic.

In the article titled “Some early W.Va. voters angry over switched votes,” the Gazette reported at least three West Virginia voters complained that touch-screen machines in one county clerk’s office kept switching their votes from Democratic to Republican candidates.

Is that with the ACORN vote included?:smiley:

Probably because most of Acorn has only had time to vote once so far.

LOL - you mean two whole people had trouble spinning the election wheel in Palo Alto. Damn, I would’ve thought there were more dumbasses than that in the county.

Most people around here only get the Houston Chronicle so their pets have somewhere to relieve themselves. Now you know why.

Early-voting trends appear to favor Barack Obama


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.: People wait almost two hours to vote early. Of about 1.5 million Floridians who have voted, slightly more are Democrats.

Voters who weigh in before election day usually lean Republican. This time, Democrats dominate in several key states, and some GOP areas see more black voters than usual.

By Peter Nicholas
October 25, 2008

Reporting from Washington – Record numbers of voters across the nation are casting ballots before election day, including high proportions of Democrats and African Americans in some of the battleground states in what appears to be a promising sign for Barack Obama.

In the 32 states that allow people to vote before Nov. 4 without a special excuse, election officials report heavy turnout as the presidential campaign reaches its frenzied last days. That’s not surprising in a campaign that has received round-the-clock attention. But it also reflects the intensive efforts of campaigns competing to bank votes before election day.

I like the way you photoshopped this photo Joe by adding the “no campaigning beyond this point” sign.

This is actually a photo of the line outside of Walmart of people waiting for the release of Halo 3. :smiley:

Democrats have the edge so far in early voting

Early data show Democrats lining up more frequently for early voting than Republicans, balancing out the GOP’s absentee-ballot advantage.



The crush of early voting in Broward and Miami-Dade counties is leaning decidedly to the left, with Democrats lining up at the polls more than three times as often as Republicans, according to Democratic Party numbers.

That trend – though most pronounced in voter-rich South Florida – follows throughout Florida, breathing optimism into Democratic candidates and helping balance the decided edge Republicans carry in absentee voting.

During the first four days of early voting, roughly 53 percent of Floridians taking to the polls were registered Democrats, according to figures compiled by the Florida Democratic Party that have not been challenged by the GOP. About 31 percent were registered Republicans.

In South Florida, the early-vote totals have been even more one-sided.

In Broward, 70 percent of early voters were Democrats, 14 percent Republicans and 16 percent Independents, the numbers show. In Miami-Dade, the breakdown was 57 percent Democrat, 25 percent GOP and the rest Independent.

Miami-Dade and Broward together account for about one in five of the state’s voters, making the region a key player in determining which way Florida goes on Nov. 4.

Excerpt (including the pretty photo-shopped photos) :http://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics/florida/story/740827.html

Ya gotta love the Democrat inspired Voter Suppression Effort meant to convince the public it’s all over before election day.

Why are they so worried?

Because as bad as things are the Dems should be way ahead. That ain’t happening. But then, you already knew that.:wink:

Wishful thinking clowns, Obama in a LANDSLIDE, you can take it to the bank. Mark this thread for future gloating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Resorting to name calling, Joe?

Whatever, WTF is “Democrat inspired Voter Suppression Effort” losers! This is gonna get as ugly & dirty as you pukes want it to be, but in the end there will just be one winner on November 4th and we all know just who that is gonna be, right?

Classy Joe. We are now Clowns, Losers and Pukes. Glad to have gotten under your skin without having to resort to name calling. We know you don’t mean it though. It must be terribly frustrating for you to watch the Obama smoke fade and the mirrors break.

Frustration, laughable, the only frustration I have is with those who are unable to tell what is going on around them, like deer stuck in the headlights… See me on November 5th and we’ll see who is frustrated then, but just get ready to eat crow cause I’ll be rubbing your nose in an Obama landslide victory for months. :stuck_out_tongue:

McCain ain’t got a snowball chance in hell of wining this election, I know it, you know it… The friggin’ world knows it and you have just shown all of us how poor your judgment really is, so it goes. :mrgreen:

Well I just excersized my so called “poor judgement” at the voting booth.

I remember how the Dems kept saying it was over n the last election day, hoping to persuade Bush voters to stay home, funny how it turned out. I can here the Dem losers now, screaming Racism, Voter cheating, hanging Chads.

I am Jack’s smirking revenge. ~ Fight Club (1999) :smiley:

I’m gonna give you three seconds; exactly three-f@cking-seconds to wipe that stupid looking grin off your face or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull-f@ck you! ONE! TWO! THREE!
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