Time to vote

In line to vote! Only 10 people ahead of us!

Voted last week (Absentee). No point in risking not being able to get to my polling place in time.

Walking to my poling place in about 10 minutes!

I just came back. The parking lot was full and there were cars down both sides of the street for about 400 yards. I’ll try going back in a little while.

It took longer to get there and back than it did to vote!
It amazes me that in this day and age, so many people don’t “study” the ballot prior to going to vote. Even with my 4-year-old son in tow, I still finished my ballot in five minutes!

Worked my precinct all day as a deputy…handed out a clip board with the amendments on them with a cheat sheet…amazing on how many people are ill prepared. 317 Barack 276 moromney…

I can not imagine a larger, more grave mistake the American people could have made in today’s environment than to re-elect O.
One can only imagine how our enemy’s are already plotting the next four years to do harm to us and life as we know it!


It was no mistake President Obama was reelected, it was destiny.

Destiny or demise?

Oh Bill…and others…relax!
You made it through the last four years, right? :smiley:

The next 4 is going to be the real B I T C H :frowning:

This Country is screwed.

Only if you guys keep bending over…and the TEA party is given any future credibility by the GOP. The party has got to get in touch with current realities.

Best quick description of the GOP I heard yesterday: white, male, old protestants. Take it from there.

Reducing purchasing power of the dollar through printing (required to cover overspending) doesn’t hurt white males as much as it does minorities.

Printing is a regressive tax on the poor.

If you care about the poor… join the TEA Party.


The over spending by this President is the greatest threat to the nation. With deficit spending projected to reach 20 Trillion under a re-elected O, we do NOT need foreign enemies.
We needed change in '08 and '12. What we have is a receipt for collapse.

He’s going to have his hands full. The last president left him a mess to deal with.

He may have left him a mess but Obama made it worse. And we all are about to pay for it. Except for the ones sitting at home collecting a government check that voted for him

My point was that Obama is inheriting what Obama created. Who can he blame for the last four years?

It took 8 years to make the mess in the first place. It will take at least twice that long to fix it.
I would venture to say, most don’t realize how close this country came to shutting down…