Earth Quake shut off valve

I had an agent tell me yesterday that the City of Burbank and Long Beach did not require them ?? Since it is Sat. and the B&S is closed I was wondering of anyone knows this is true for sure. If not do you have any code reference to share. Thanks :slight_smile:

Gary, you can make any recommendation that you want…for enhanced safety works well.

New Year and new requirements always take place - check with the City of Long beach and Burbank planning, building and safety departments. I always add a disclaimer in my reports -
In an earthquake, the shaking of a home or apartment can cause damage to gas piping and appliances. This damage can result in releases of natural gas that can lead to fires or even explosions. Structural weaknesses, the absence of appliance anchors, seismic activity, and a lack of flexible pipe connections can all contribute to a greater possibility of natural gas leaks. This problem is so prevalent that natural gas contributes to one of every four fires after an earthquake. A primary concern when dealing with natural gas leaks and ensuing fires is the protection of property, rather than personal safety, because most homes have several potential exits for escape from a fire. If GSOV not installed - Recommend the installation of a approved Gas Shut Off Valve by a state licensed plumber or contact the local gas utiltiy company for guidance.

Thank You for the reply’s … I always note the presents or not of the GSOV I just do not understand how some City’s within the State and County can chose to adopt this life saving safety measure or not.

Correct. These cities (and many more) have no mandate for these valves - Burbank, Long Beach, Carson, Torrence, Santa Clarita, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, Palmdale/Lancaster, and so on, and so on.

The EQSOV is only required by the “City of Los Angeles.” Basically, it includes any city under the authority of the LADWP. However, incorporated cities within LA city limits have the right to opt out of this requirement. In addition, unincorporated LA County has no such mandate. Also, there is no provision in the State Code requiring EQSOV’s.

do you have a pic?

A lot of the installed seismic valves I see are wrong…

Mark, I attached a pic of a common valve in CA.

For others in CA or if you inspect where SoCal Gas is, pay heed to the image attached. You’ll find a lot of our valves lack the required wall brace as well as being in the Gas Co’s “facilities”.

A lot of newer construction has these valves incorrectly in the vertical upright.

Please feel free to use the images.

seismic gas valve.jpg

gas co illustration.jpg

Thanks Tim,

Not an issue in Brossard Quebec, but they are good pictures!

thank you

Obviously no plumber with a dog in the fight on the Burbank or Long Beach planning commission. :twisted: I know there are Armenian plumbers, they worked for me.

Tim - please elaborate on the wall brace requirement. And do you have anything in writing that states that a vertical orientation for a GSOV is prohibited?


Vertical orientation is OK, as long as you’re outside of Gas Co’s equip. The valves are sold in horizontal, vertical Up & Down flow.

The illustration I provided is from SoCal Gas’s website for acceptable and prohibited locations.

The wall brace requirement is a manu one, it’s on the literature with the valves that I’ve bought/installed etc.

The instructions are specifically at noted in section 10 for requirements.

You can find more literature at

Hope I helped.

Thanks Tim.

I haven’t run across one yet.

They’re required in San Francisco (where I grew up) and in the City of Los Angeles (where I’ve lived for 20+ years).

So it blew my mind when I found out they are not required on houses I inspect outside of Los Angeles city limits. I still don’t understand how they’re not required state wide.