L.A. Municipal Code gas meter shut off

Are there any L A guys out there that can shed some light on the LA Municipal Code 94.1219. which has to do with seismic meter shut off valve?

Who supplies them, the gas company?
Is there a cost to have them installed?
Can a house be sold without having one installed?
What do they look like?

See other thread… only one post is needed here.

Jeff and I posted some stuff here and you can see a pic here

Depending on area of Los Angeles, you will see the valves installed on the customer side of the meter, braced to the wall etc.

Can a house be sold w/out one? Would be unusual if the SFR is within the jurisdiction of LA City (SFV, portions of Los Angeles etc) Last I checked this was enforced (to a degree) at point of sale, via retrofitters etc. Also, some information here

If you’re not sure about the area you’re working in, do some research. It can be bit tricky, but in a nutshell if a city within LA County doesn’t have their own building and safety, the city may be under the guise of LA City (thus requiring a seismic valve) or in a county or other jurisdiction that may not.

A few phone calls here and there should solve.

Good Luck!