Gas Meter Earthquake Valves

In Los Angeles county I have been asked if I verified if the gas meter had an earthquake valve by the REA because the lender was requiring this. SoCal gas states that the valves are prohibited as of 2002. Any thoughts?

Effective February 10, 2002, California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) Decision 01-11-068 prohibits installation of an earthquake valve on SoCalGas’ facilities. In addition, SoCalGas no longer installs earthquake shut-off valves for its customers, and does not allow any customer owned equipment, including excess-flow valves, be installed on SoCalGas’ facilities.

Earthquake Valves are only prohibited on the gas piping/equipment owned by the Gas Company.

Putting the Valve on the the House Piping is OK.

Required in the City of Los Angeles.

Not required in most of the other 87 cities in Los Angeles county, though a small handful do.

As Brian said, they should be on the house side of the meter.

Do you call it out as a safety issue if not installed in cities where it isn’t required?

I recommend one be installed, but I don’t make a big fuss about it.

Yes, I think every home in California should have an earthquake shut off valve on their gas meter, but that is just my opinion, and not an opinion shared by the many jurisdictions that do not require one.