East Coast Inspectors needed for Draw Inspections ASAP

These are Draw Inspections for Mortgage Lenders. A simple progress report on what has been done in the progress of the construction. No quality checks, just progress. About ten minutes on site and ten minutes on the computer to report.

The base price is $45 but they will pay more for driving greater distances than normal. They pay monthly, either by Direct Deposit or check.

Go to http://drawrequest.com/open/prospectadd.cfm and sign in. Additional information will be provided there.

Or email, Jim Mastin Sr at jimsr@drawrequest.com . Website is www.NationwideLoanInspections.com

Here are the cities they need the inspections in asap!

Warm Springs, VA 24484
Sandersville, GA 31082
Vale, NC 28168
Ambrose, GA 31512
Furman, AL 36741
Mill Spring, NC 28756
Swanton, MD 21561
Clinton, SC 29325
Waynesboro, VA 22980
Bainbridge, GA 30421
Sparta, GA 31087
Talladega, AL 35160
Midway, GA 31320
Heath Springs, SC 29058
Baldwyn, MS 38824
Collins, GA 31320
Hampton, SC 29924
Bald Head Island, NC 28461
Santee, SC 29142
Nebo, NC 28761
Bostic, NC 28018
Bell, FL 32619
Screven, GA 31560
Waynesville, NC 28785
Jacksonville, AL 36265
Suffolk, VA 23434
Furman, SC 29921
Mill Spring, NC 28756

Lisa, I think it’s great that INACHI can provide this kind of connection between inspector and lender.

Now what needs to be worked out is the fee, in my area most lenders pay $125.00 - $150.00 per draw. It’s time for these draw companies to step up to the plate. $45.00 - $50.00 is just not worth it.

Maybe they should take out an add in ARRP.

PS, Lisa, Nick provides plenty of opportunities, why not a SOP for draw inspections as well as an agreement that we all can market directly to the local lenders???


I too think it is great for the opportunity, however, from personal experience they require more than 20 minutes to survey, photographically document, download all the photos to the computer, and fill out the report to email.

In addition, if you don’t respond within hours to the email for the inspection, it is passed on to another inspector.

So to sum it up… 1. you have to drop what you’re doing to respond to them
2. in addition to at least a 30 minute drive each way,
spend atleast another 45 minutes to inspect and then
3. wait up to a month (depending where you fall in the
billing cycle) for your money
4. all this for $ 45

Sounds like a nuisence to me! If they paid at least $ 125 and paid the inspectors in the hurry up fashion they want us to respond in, it would be worth bragging about!


I’ll pass the info on to Nick to see about the SOP!

I got all the info from Jim yesterday but since he’s in a pretty big hurry to get these inspections done asap, he might be willing to up the payment. You should contact him direct to see :wink:

Lisa, I think INACHI should be able to establish an sop, contract/agreement ETC so we inspectors can market directly to the lenders in our area. I know some of the banks are not happy with the timing and quality of the inspection they receive from the big nationals. This could be a good market in slow times and most banks are requiring them on the remodel projects they are financing.

Hey Lisa,

Yeah, he’s in a big hurry. I don’t care how you slice it… travel time, inspection time, travel time back to the office, download the pictures Jim reqiures of you, fill out their report it’s always 1.5 hours.

$ 45!!!

I spend 2.5 hours on an average inspection for $ 300.00

Do the math!!!

At $ 100 per hour where I set my own hours and don’t have to hop through their hoops why would I subject myself to that BS?

NACHI inspectors deserve better and I hope you get with the program!!!

SOS. This will never change. It just gives people something to bitch about. There are home inspectors taking on part time jobs to make ends meet and these cheap *** jobs pay better than Home Depot or Lowe’s. No all home inspectors are mechanical engineers.

Just reading that response…it’s perfectly obvious!
On the phone the other day, I told Jim his jobs were not worth my time.
If we all stand up and tell him what to do with his $ 30.00 per hour rate he’ll have no choice but to pay us what we derserve. If people do otherwise…oh well!
My education has nothing to do with what NACHI inspectors deserve to be paid. Obviously your lack of education drags us all to the bottom!

You don’t know my background or education you baldheaded a$$hole.:wink:

Well written!
Thank you!


Well written, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear another educated response!
I agree completely…it’s this type of garbage that holds our industry down.

Hi Lisa!
NACHI carries a lot of clout! When you next speak to these people I would ask you to tell them that;
1. $45.00 - $50.00 dollar “per draw” inspections are an INSULT to our inspectors.

2. Our Standard rates are $125.00 - $150.00 per draw PLUS Mileage.

I had some IDIOT call me and wanted to “Pay” me $45.00 to do a so called Draw Inspection and to offered to pay me 15c per mile to drive 247 miles ONE way! .

You say that they are desperate! The $45 - $50.00 fee is why they are desperate!

**No self respecting CERTIFIED / Legitimate inspector who has been in this industry for some time would stoop so low as to wreck our industry by playing into their hands. **

Another scumbag association is “Paying” $6.00 … that is right SIX DOLLARS for their inspections. I could not believe it when some frigging IDIOT came onto the BB and actually admitted that he was conducting “inspections” for 6-lousy dollars!.

Home Depot & Lowe’s are paying from $18.50 to $35.00 per hour up here. That includes all kinds of benefits !!

Why would any self respecting legitimate inspector debase himself for a lousy $45. - $50.00 per “draw inspection” that is going to take;
1. Drive Time to the inspection.

2. Inspection time.

3. Drive time back to the office.

4. Time to write the report.

5. Time to download and EDIT the photos.

6. Time to send the report.

**and then … you have to wait a MONTH for your money! For $45.00 to $50.00 dollars!:roll: **

Come on Lisa … stand up for us … give them hell!:smiley:

Thank you Frank,

This is what I’ve been saying all along. If anybody has been reading the responses above, we have an “inspector” from Illinois who thinks differently and has resorted to attacking me personally instead of stating the facts such as we have. How sad! Hey Linus, clean up in aisle 5!

I got something for you to clean up Patty. Here’s the facts: I did over 500 draws in 2007. I didn’t have to suck up to realtors for inspections. Got 3 scheduled for tomorrow… so far.

You Do Not Have To Be Certified To Be A Draw Inspector…no Classes…no State Exam…and In Some Cases, No Insurance!!! The Only Overhead Is Getting Your Butt Back And Forth. Comparing Draw Inspections To House Inspections Is Like Comparing Apples To Oranges. Anyone Can Do Them That Has Some Concept Of Construction. So Why Do You Assume The Going Rate For Draw Inspections Is So High? I Hate To Tell You Guys This, But Its Not!!! These Companies Do Not Make As Much Per Inspection As You Might Think. If Its Too Far Away Don’t Do It…no One Can Blame You For That. I Will Not Do One More Than 25 Miles From My House. I Will Say This, I Do Really Good With My Draw Inspection Business Considering I Started It Over 2 Yrs Ago.

The question is are you getting paid six dollars? $20? Or a grand total of $45?:roll:

It is garbage like this that is holding our industry down!

Take for example the “Wind Mitigation Inspection thread”.
Inspectors in Florida are charging in receiving $150 for a wind mitigation Inspection.
The Customer is saving from $450.00 to $1500 a year.

Yet There are some companies That are paying $50.00 for this Same inspection.

And it is sad to say that there are some “inspectors” who were willing to sell themselves for $50.00 lousy dollars!

Once again … it is garbage like this that is holding our industry down!

I charge of hundred $150.00 for each and every draw Inspection.
I know what I am worth and I charge accordingly.

Those who charge six dollars per or 20, 30, or $45 per Inspection know what they are worth and get paid accordingly.

My net income for draw inspections alone in 2007 was almost $25,000. With a 50% profit margin, that left me with over $12,000 of which I spent $10,000 on a BCam, training and other related equipment. I couldn’t have done that waiting for someone to call me with their offers of $150 draw inspections. Full blown condo inspections go for $200-$225. I can have 4 draws done and submitted by noon. Gotta love it. And for all those in my area that get a call from these draw companies requesting your services, please don’t accept them for under $150. Send them to me. If you take any more than 15 minutes on-site doing a draw inspection…you’re lost or can’t grasp the concept. Many here on the message board do these inspections. A few of us acknowledge that we do them. Some keep quiet and do them and some are jealous and can’t get away from their full time job to do them and make the easy money. To each his own. God Bless everyone and God Bless America.

Hey Linas,
It is 2,021.2 miles from my town to your town. It would take you 1-day and 11 hours & 35-minutes to make the drive.

We routinely decline these $45.00 inspections so … Why don’t you make the drive and you can “clean up” in New Hampshire!:stuck_out_tongue:

  • You know … it is funny … these same company’s pay us $150.00 for a draw inspection but they pay you $45.00 for the same thing.
    I’ll bet that if you went down to $25.00 per inspection that they would be more than willing to pay you $25.00 or even $20.00 per inspection.

  • One IDIOT even posted that he is doing them for $6.00 lousy dollars.
    I guess that you are lucky that he does not live in YOUR area or you might be as disappointed in him as many of us are in you.

On second thought… forget my invitation to come up here and RUIN our business… it was a bad idea!