Draw Inspections

You can sign up here atLenders Choice Network.

They pay a little slow but are nice to work with:)

Oh yea I get $50.00 from them for each inspection I personally preform.:wink:

Lenders Choice just called me Wednesday…to bad me and family were camping…missed a chance to make an easy few bucks.

It’s good to hear they are decent to work with. I will probably be signing up with them in the near future.

Thanks for the info Brian.

Thanks, Brian!

I got my 1st $60.00 DDN insp check today.

I think I am giving up on DDN…

I asked for more money…they refused…

they are sending me 3-5 inspections almost every FRIDAY…i told them on the phone that it costs me almost 20 bucks to drive to their inspection area…

I will continue to do them in my area…but I am requesting more money for that also…

I told them 35 was not enough…and they asked me: Is $40 enough?


I don’t do draw inspections for less than $75.00 in my alotted area over that I charge more.:slight_smile:

If I was getting three to five, at $120-$200 each time, and only $20 for gas?I’d so definitely do them. For sure!:slight_smile:

3-5 inspections at 35 each…do the math…it costs me $20 to get to their area and $20 to get back…sigh.

hold on, lemme get my four year old:D :smiley: :smiley:


wow, they want my SSN.

20 bucks for child care, perhaps 10 bucks for gas and 5 for the report. I hate to think of starting the van up for that kind of money.

Why do you need childcare? Pop the kids in the truck.

Tony, I did a draw inspection that was 60 miles each way, I only used 4 gallons of gas at $12, they paid me $75 so yeah. It was worth it to me. Money is money. I’m not snootie about it.

You got $75.00 - $12.00 for gas = $63.00 drove 2hrs 60 miles each way took time for insp, when you returned made out report. What about the wear & tear on your vehicle, tires etc. Sounds to me like a whole lot of time and effort for pennies. Sorry Wendy but my time is worth more than that. I would rather play with the grandkids or go fishing. Whose to say that the 5 inspections you get on Fri are all in the same area, they might be spread far and wide??? Just my opinion.

Because around here it’s so remote that to do that inspection pays for my trip into town to do my shopping and other errands that I would have to do on my own dollar anyway. So why not do an inspection along the way?

and some of us can’t afford to go fishing or play with the grandkids (insert recreation here). Some of us, that $60 or so pays for us to get by the next few days, and is oh so much better than the alternative.

Since you are on the B/B allot why not try to get some of the inspectors that do draws so cheap to refuse to do them and then the company’s will have to raise there prices to the inspector if they want the work done, correct ???
I do not disagree with you about also going shopping, but you don’t shop all the time do you ??? I also preach to our members at our chapter meetings to not work for nothing. I would think that everyone would like to get paid a decent price for their work and time. The draw inspection company’s are making a fair return why shouldn’t we also. If you just take what they offer shame on you, give it a try you might be worth more to them than you think.
The one’s that I work with are understanding, give it a shot the most they can say is no. Remember if you do a good job they will pay for it because they know it’s less work for them. You will always get someone who thinks it’s easy money until they realize the time and effort involved.:roll:

You’re old enough to make your own decisions. Do what you gotta do to survive. These cheap inspections pay the company bills without digging into my personal account.

I’m not telling Wendy what to do I’m only making a suggestion.
But if you keep that attitude how do you stay in business, do you mean to tell me that your overhead is still the same as it was a few years ago and charge the same, I don’t think so !!! Gas,Rent,Supply’s everything keeps going up so sooner or later you will be in the RED unless you have a benefactor who doesn’t mind keeping you afloat.
I also understand every little bit helps but you can also try to get paid for your time and work at a reasonable rate **CORRECT:roll: **

**CORRECT:roll: **

I routinely raise my rates and I tell these types of companies… yep I can do it for fifty, but due to location it will be a $20 fuel charge… simple as that… beyond that if they say NO… they say NO… but when i first started out I would take anything I could make a dollar on… as we get more business we are more selective and can afford to be refused… DDN regularly pays me $50 for jobs w/in five miles… anything outside of 20 will see a fuel charge from me… sometimes you bury the fuel charge other times not… but at 3.05 per gallon here… you take it into account…

Gees, I gotta take a ride up there just to fill up !!!


When you add up all the vehical costs oil, tires, depreciation, insurance, etc. It cost me at least $63.36 at 1.05 per mile. Oh Oh! thats only one way. Times 2 totals $126.72.
Thank you very much I’ll stay home and read this message board.