Eaton CH breaker with no test button?

I came across a panel in a new home with Eaton CH breakers. There was a ‘trip’ indicator window, but no test buttons or coiled wire. I’m was not able to find this exact breaker online, but did read that some Eaton CH breakers comply with 2014 NEC. All the AFCI breakers I’ve ever seen have a test button and coiled wire.

My question: is this breaker compliant with 2014 NEC for AFCI protection? Didn’t get a clear photo of the side label.

These are non-AFCI breakers. If they are AFCI protected it will be listed on the label.

Thanks Chuck, that is what I thought upon 1st glance but then confused myself after researching them.


Is AFCI protection not required in your area? I have heard stories of contractor removing all of the AFC circuit breakers after the final inspection but that doesn’t seem obvious in the photo. Also the way that the cables enter the panel is not permitted by the NEC.

I’m assuming you’re referring to them coming through the larger fittings like they are instead of actual clamps/restraints/romex connectors?

That method is only allowed for surface mount panels.

Also there are now panels with a neutral rail that do not require the coiled neutral tail. The breaker snaps to the neutral rail.

Those are the first C-H breakers I have seen with the visible trip indicator windows.

Texas adopted the 2014 NEC for all work started after September 1, 2014.

Rural area outside city limits - no code enforcement as far as I know

Those are not afci or gfi breakers. The window just indicates which breaker is tripped. Prior to this the only brand with a trip indicator window was Square D QO.

Alas…Patents run out and in this case…it Did.

They are simply standard circuit breakers…with an indicator as others have stated.