Eaton load center confusion

Pictured is an Eaton panel (sub panel) being supplied 150 amps. According to the Cat. No. it is rated for 150 amps. (Cat. No. CH32L150D)

On the same label it states 50 amp max.
Does this mean 50 amps is the max size of OCPD/breaker supported in this box?
Thanks guys!

Also, the dead front/cover is only rated at 125 amps.

Hard to make out that tag but you can look at the cut sheet and the catalog page here:

From here it looks to be a 150A panel.

This is better…

Thanks guys! I had a hard time photographing what my eyes could see through the wiring. Maybe I should have tried a panoramic shot of the label. The catalog number definitely indicates a 150amp panel. I was curious about the bold print below the catalog number which reads as:
(the wordS “EATON” & “max” are mostly covered by neutral conductors in the picture)

Thanks Roy,
I tried flipping the picture 4 times before giving up.

According to the label the cover is listed for a 225 amp panel if it’s MLO (main lug only), since this is a sub is it MLO?

Yes, it is MLO. Thanks for the clarification. I have since clarified myself about the cover & did not call it out in the report.
What is your take on the “50amp max” print below the catalog number? (Sorry the picture is obscured)

There is no doubt that the panel is 150amp (according to the catalog number) & correct for this application. I will try to find a clearer picture of a similar label.

Without a better photo of the entire label it’s hard to say what that 50A means. Sure does sounds like 50 amps but I can’t think of 50 amp limitation.

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Yeah, there wasn’t any good angles to get a clear picture. Thank you for your help nonetheless!
I will post up a picture when/if I come across it again.

Robert, here is a legible label almost identical to the one I was questioning.

This is a CH 200 amp panel
In the middle it say
“EATON 200A. MAX.”

Previously questioned is a CH 150 amp panel
In the middle (behind the neutrals) it says
You can see the “N” in EATON, 50A., then the “X” at the end of MAX.

Yet here is the catalog number showing it is a 150 amp panel.

I’m buffaloed. I almost want to go back, peel the sticker off & send it to the manufacturer.
Thanks again for your help!

I would almost assume a typo but damn, that would be a big mistake. I have several factory engineer contacts at Eaton. I will send you pictures to them for review and comment.

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Just a guess but, ,3 GFTCB (1-pole 30 A maximum , 2-pole 50 A maximum )