Main Panel Rating

Thanks to Paul Abernathy and all involved in his book and online courses.

Since I read his book and took his course I look at every panels main rating.

The one today stated max breaker 150 amps, breaker was 200 amps and by the looks of it there was a past fire inside the panel enclosure.

Thanks Paul/INachi!!

169510 Macedonia 038 (Small).JPG

169510 Macedonia 035 (Small).JPG

Maybe the original 150 main burnt up so they installed a 200 amp instead. Is this the service disconnect?

Yes, original 1978 GE panel

Those are very kind words and I thank you. Robert…it would not matter as that enclosure and probably the panelboard is only listed for 150A and while it may be just the service disconnect possibly I am sure it also serves to meet 230.90 as well. Home Inspectors should note anything that appears out of place…never assume…and defer to electrical contractors when needed.

I love this old label…even directs the installer to not increase the main circuit breaker rating beyond what is installed…excellent label and in great condition.

You’re correct. I was only asking since if there were a 150 amp OCPD upstream this would still be a violation but not as big of a hazard. Although the 200 amp CB in the panel rated for 150 amps would be non-compliant, the buss and condcutors would not be subject to overload if there were a 150 amp upstream OCPD.

100 percent correct my good man…most excellent