Education Log and Class Listings

Is there a place that list the available InterNACHI courses without all the class descriptions and lists of states that accept the courses?

I remember there used to be a list of required courses and then additional courses that you could reference, but I can’t seem to find it.

Sb on your dashboard - the page you end up after you log in. Scroll down and you should see it. If you saved your login info, search for the dashboard and check it out.

Thanks Kevin. I can find the education log and credits taken. I’m looking for a list of all courses without all the additional information. There used to be a required courses and additional courses list which was easy to reference, but I can’t seem to find it.

That’s where it is. The 1st list is for required classes and the list below it is for advanced classes and other classes such as state specific classes. It’s all on the dashboard page. The class list you’re talking about with the long synopsis info is in the online course list page

Left column lists the courses. Scroll down. Click on any course title to get splash page that describes the course and provides an outline.

Right column lists the government agencies that have approved that corresponding course including images of the actual approval letters from those government agencies.

We have 137 free courses for you to choose from, 510 hours of continuing education available to you, 35 professional certifications you can earn, and 1,400+ governmental accreditations.

If you don’t want all that, you can just go to and click on the required coursework for each professional certification.

And coming soon: We’ll have the curriculum for the accredited college degree in home inspections that you can earn right here. I’ll have an announcement about it at Inspection Universe.