When you go to our education system

When you go to www.nachi.org/education there is a navigation bar on the left. You have all these options that work in sync.

  • You can search for the course you are interested in.
  • You can filter them by category.
  • You can filter them by what approvals you need.
  • You can filter them depending on who you are.
  • You can filter them by region.
  • You can even filter them by what language you speak.

And… get this, you can run any combination of the filters at once! It’s a really advanced system.

It gets even better… as you filter there is a round circle next to each that shows how many choices are available that match your parameter.

It gets even better… as you search it displays your filters at the top allowing you to instantly remove any or clear all and shazam, your results are instantly updated.

And even better… as you use the search tools the courses displayed provide the credit hours each one counts for, the number of sections, the number of quizzes, and a short description.

Wait, it gets more insane… each course description has a link at the bottom showing the number of governmental approvals it has been awarded. When you click on any of those links, all the approvals show up.

Wait, it gets even more unbelievable. Each item on each list of approvals which is unique to every course is a live link. Click on it to get an actual copy of the course approval from that particular government agency.

And don’t even get me started on what happens when you complete a course: Instant reporting to your state regulating agency, immediate inclusion on your live-time college transcript, and on and on.

Wait, I’m not done… are you sitting down? The entire thing is mobile friendly.

And one last thing… every course is approved by the U.S. Department of Education which means they all count toward a college degree. These are the only inspection courses in our industry that are accredited.

Since you like lawsuits, can you guys sue NY for approvals? Meeting my CE requirements cost me a fortune this year.

No standing. Only you have standing. The attorney general in NY has told me multiple times that they’ve only received a small handful of complaints from NY citizens. That’s why you don’t have CE approval for anything online in NY.

What college degree can I get that these courses count towards?

Hi, I’m very very new with this industry. Most of my career experience was in oil & gas.

What exactly are “CE” requirements?

Continuing Education once you establish your license with your jurisdiction/ state.

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Thank you.