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I am studying for my CPI, I am wondering if inspectors include or not include information on “pest and mold”.

Limitations section:
2.2. Exclusions:

I. The inspector is not required to determine:

  1. the presence of evidence of rodents, birds, bats, animals, insects, or other pests.
  2. the presence of mold, mildew or fungus.

Yes, if they’re qualified and choose to do so.

I agree with Stephen, if they’re qualified and income states licensed.

I also agree, BUT, even if not qualified or licensed, if those things are present, IMO, you should be making some type of comment in your report, if for no other reason than to CYA!

Agree with Jeffrey. If pest or mold is visibly obvious then you really should mention it. Include a photo or two. Tell where it’s located. Recommend mitigation by a qualified contractor. Here’s the type of language I typically use for mold, the pest language would be similar:

Mold or mildew and similar organisms commonly occur in areas that show evidence of moisture intrusion or inadequate ventilation. The key to controlling mold is controlling moisture: reduce moisture, remove visible signs of mold, and disinfect surfaces. I am not a mold testing laboratory, therefore the identification of specific types of mold is beyond the scope of the home inspection, and I cannot state definitively whether any specific type of mold is or is not present. When I do smell musty odors or see mold-like substances growing, I note it in my report for you. If you want to know what specific type of mold is present, you should seek the services of a qualified industrial hygienist. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a homeowner wearing personal protective equipment may handle small cleanup areas.

Guys in MD who are licensed for pests (dept. of Agriculture) all cry and say you can’t report rodent scat and termite tunnels if your not licensed. City came out with rental property inspections to be performed by Home Inspectors. One of the items was do you see possible pest burrows or holes in the structure to allow pest entry. Those licensed guys had a fit.

The way I see it is their license allows them to charge a separate fee, recommend treatment, and spray chemicals (none of which I do). Like Jeffrey if I see it I report it, the hell with them!

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Because I damned well guarantee ya, if there are visible indications of pests and you DO NOT make mention, and you wind up in court over it… you WILL be entirely at the mercy of the judge!! You will have NO OUT with making a claim that you can’t comment due to not having a license. Game over!!

I agree with you, Jeff! :smile:

test must be 10 digits