What to say about mold you see and what you can't see.

We recently had a client call us and is basically trying to say that we are liable for supposed mold she and/or an HVAC contractor found INSIDE of a supply duct of an interior wall. Of course we explained to the client that we could not see inside the wall to let her know of this issue. We are now looking at our language that is stated in every report under the excessive moisture section. We are looking for some simple text or a statement that would ultimately cover ourselves just a little bit better. Does anyone have anything that you use or is comfortable with in using with every report?
Thank you in advance!!!

My contract just refers to the SOP and I had not had any trouble yet. I do not disclaim really anything just refer everything to the SOP.

This goes in every one of my reports under the heading Environmental Hygiene Observations:

The General Home inspection does not include confirmation of the presence of allergens of any type. Many types of allergens exist to which different people show widely varying levels of sensitivity. Testing for allergens requires a specialist inspection. The Inspector recommends that you have specialist testing performed if allergens are a concern to you. You should consider having tests performed if you expect those suffering from allergies, asthma, lung disease or who have compromised immune systems to be present in the home.

We all perform visible inspections of accessible areas and it should be noted in your report/agreement.