Questions about Mold in typical home inspection

I am not a licensed Mold Assessor or Remediator. If I am on a typical home inspection and I come across what appears to be mold, am I permitted to take a sample of it to have it tested? How would I indicate this in my report? I understand that, unless I’m licensed, I should refrain from suggesting there is mold present. Do I need a license to inspect for mold during a regular home inspection? I know I can take the How to perform mold Inspection and the advanced course for use of the Mold Inspector Logo. Any thoughts?

It depends on the laws in your state if you’re permitted or not to legally test.
You may also want to check with your insurance carrier.

When I see what I “think” is mold, it goes in my report that an organic substance consistant with mold was viewed and further evaluation is recomended a qualified mold assessor and mitigation be performed if neccessary.


Good KEVIN advice.
No matter what you do, check with insurance.

Florida exemption:
A home inspector may perform mold sampling if doing so is in the course of his home inspection (at the same time, not a separate service call).
Don’t know where you are located.


Wouldn’t it be nice if people would fill out their profiles so we know where they are at?

Just as an FYI he appears to be in Orlando.


I’m in Florida. I am a brand new inspector looking to broaden my services. I check the Florida licensing website, and it requires either an AA for microbiology and 1-year experience or an HS diploma and four years of experience in collecting samples. So, as I grow in my business, I can eventually get my license for assessing mold. That’s good. Technically, even though I have the Mold Inspector logo, and I have contacted my insurance carrier, I cannot offer separate services regarding mold; I may only inspect it while doing a home inspection, correct?

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cannot offer separate services - correct
I may only inspect it while doing a home inspection - inccorrect

Sketchy rule but basically you cannot inspect for mold - period.
If you discover mold when performing a home inspection, you are allowed to collect samples.
So be careful what you tell your clients, they should not assume you are doing a mold inspection.


I see. Ok perfect. That clears up a lot.


In my Non-Florida but long term Professional Inspectors opinion…

…As a Home Inspector, you are on the lookout for “conditions conducive to Organic Microbial Growths” and basing any recommendations on those observations ONLY.