I thouht all service entry cables had to come through a conduit mast.

It depends on the circumstances, particularly about physical damage or the height of the drop. On a 2 story is is very common to see the drop hanging from the eaves or the wall and SE cable coming down to the meter base.

Like Greg said mainly to provide adequate clearance from the ground.

Here is one that certainly does not need a mast.

Are we talking about conduit and the need for a mast in the same breath here?

BTW, in my area, all outdoor SE wires must be in conduit.


Could you please explain the need for conduit for the SE cable?

They must have a roaving band of ne’er do wells who have an uncontrollable urge to swing axes into SE cable.

Mis-spoke a bit. Conductors/cable up to 2 meters (6.5 feet) off the ground must be protected from mechanical damage so every one just continues the conduit complete with weatherhead up to the POCO’s triplex.

I think I see more damage from UV exposure than any other cause.

I have sleeved 2 pieces of SE in the last 20 some years, one the inspector wanted it because it was behind a hedge and was concerned about hedge trimmers, and the other was on my parents deck.