SE Cable help please

Guys - should this SE cable be in condit before the meter? Do you have a problem with this drip loop? Thanks so much!



There is not much of a drip loop present in the SE cable, if any. Looks like the water can travel down into the sheathing. Also, the SE cable doesn’t need to be in metal conduit unless its prone to damage but it should be better secured. Also, is that electrical tape wrapped around those connections?? Anyway, I think you should refer it to a licensed and qualified electrician for further evaluation and repairs as needed.

The service head on the SE cable should be attached to the structure Higher then the point of attachment of the utility companies lines. This is how a drip loop is created in such a way that moisture does not wick into the SE cable.

The se cable needs to be supported within 1’ of the service head then every 4 '.

The messenger wire is secured to the house to take the weight load of the (triplex I think, not sure from the pic) wire off of the weather head. Looks like this is not happening as the weather-head is being pulled from the house by the weight of the wire.

I Agree…Due to the water running down the conductor into the SE jacket will cause it to wear out very early and probably at the worst time. A prospective buyer needs to be aware of the condition. No, The conduit is not needed but it appears that possibly the SE is not secured properly down the wall but I can only see one area of the installation. The messenger is going to give out over time, this is obvious due to the tention of the service point.