eInspections: It deserves a good look!!

I just recently watched all of the new instructional videos on the eInspections website. I think they are very well thought out, easy to follow, and easy to understand. Very professional!! This is an awesome software package, especially since the most recent upgrades.

Any inspector looking for a “competitive edge” owes it to themselves to take a long hard look at eInspections and the Inspection Support Network. With the new revisions to the software, I give it 5 Stars out of 5. Excellent!!



Personally I think http://about.discoverhorizon.com/ is a much better package all around if you want an online reporting system.

On the other hand I would opt to purchase http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/ and never have to spend another dime on reports. This software is 100% customizable, literally can strip the existing templates down and replace it with an existing narrative reporting system that you currently use. This way both your electronic versions and hardcopy versions are consistant.

Steve Blayney

Just putting some options out there :slight_smile: Plus, eInspections is NOT an online system. It’s a full software package. It has an online scheduling management system, though.


You can use eInspections electronic field report alone without using their scheduling software, however, if you do need an office management/scheduling package theirs works with other electronic field reports as well, not just their own.

Steve - eInspections report can be setup to be completely narrative if you want it to be. “Customizable” is truly the word. All narrative, all checkbox or a combination of both along with way to many other features to list here. Purchase it outright if you like but for me…unlimited use of the report and free upgrades as they come out for just $70.00 a month with fantastic support via phone, email or directly into your computer in the field is simply a no brainer.

Stephanie Castillo
Home Pride Inspections

I like to look at some of the different options the software has. To receive updates and get support
Einspection charges $840. Year
Horizion Charges $795. Year
Inspectvue Charges 250. Year HIP Charges .00 Year

There are others but i dont know them off the top of my head. Check out all your options before you decide. ( Did i say that HIP does NOT charge for support?? and Inspectvue only charges $250.) $700 - $800 is a lot for support.

Not that I am advocate one way or other, but I don’t believe that eInspections charges for support. At least for the first year!

I think you are confused. You have two options of purchasing the software.

  1. Lease for 70.00 a month
  2. Or, purchase it out right for 995.00


All of the software COs supply support for the first year . After that is when they charge
Einspection charges $840. Year
Horizion Charges $795. Year
Inspectvue Charges 250. Year HIP Charges .00 Year

I may be confused about many things but if you go to each of there web sites those quotes were taken directly from there web site.

OK, once again…they do not charge for support. The 70.00 a month is for “Leasing” the software, not support. The way you have stated it above sounds like they are charging you 840.00 for support, which is not correct.

If you choose to lease the program, it 70.00 a month. If you choose to buy it, it’s 995.00. They have a 100.00 set-up fee in th beginning, because it is completely customizable.


THIS is from site Please note PER YEAR
Annual Price Plan
Flat rate of $795.00 per year
Each additional inspector - $595.00 per year
Unlimited Use
No Extra Fees or Hidden fees

I dont Rent software

Renting it would be $948.00 Year

Who Is Confused??

Huh??? Nevermind…I don’t think we are on the same page here.

Have a good one :slight_smile:


Here are 4 pages for you to choose from. Read and make your own decision. The facts speak for them selfs.

Purchase eInspections™


$995 per computer
$100 one-time company setup

Includes FREE updates for one year
Includes FREE technical support for one year

E inspections is very expensive from what I just saw.
They charge xtra for every computer while HIP charges nothing.
I see you even get ripped for a startup fee.$100
If you got that kinda money to blow you might not need this career.

I hear I missed a good presentation at the last meeting.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Mr Career.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I agree thats what i posted. My comments are after the first year. The prices the vender charges for support and updates.

It would have gone even better with your kind and steady support.

I’m not arguing with you Henry, but if it makes you feel better. you win.

Read the title of this thread. Just merely making a sugesstion for others to read and make a decision for themselves.

Your comparing apples to oranges…


I do support you. I just couldn’t be there for you dear.

Im not trying to win. Im just putting out more information for people to see. and make there decision. I hate when a vender puts out only half of the information. or uses the old fine print.