Election Super Bowl 08

Can an election for either party candidate actually fix the economic problems or issues of our times that effect you personally or has it just become, “my team is better then yours”.

I think we are in trouble regardless of who wins. But, obama is already issuing excuses for not doing anything.

Issues Only - I’m a Registered Republican who has voted for Obama. :smiley:

Neither McCain or Obama will fix this mess and therefore aren’t getting my vote.

It is great time for folks ignore the two party system and vote for the nominees that actually represent their part of the political spectrum. Conservatives have Bob Barr, moderate Democrats have McCain, classic liberals can write in Hillary Clinton, socialists have a choice between Obama and the Socialist Party candidate and hippies have Nader. Make your voice count by voting for who you believe in, instead of for the big two nominee who scares you the least.

If only everybody voted that way…=D>=D>:-k:-k

I know, it is quite sad that everyone else is concerned about “winning”, rather than making their voice heard. What a waste it is that our electorate chooses to throw away such a precious right on the two special interest conglomerates hell-bent on destroying our once proud nation. :frowning: