Republicans win.

They now have no excuses. Stop the spending.

Thank Goodness one good thing has happened is the last 7 or so years I have wanted to :slight_smile:

No only if the idiots in our world wake the heck up and vote properly for president when the time comes.

You mean “vote properly” like you will right?


I mean vote for a REPUBLICAN to stop the insanity.

I think both parties are sorry and dislike a lot the republicans stand for and if I were a politician I would be an independent.

Only Fools and freeloaders vote for democrats.

Democrats vote for things and poeople who think they will take care of them and do things for them.

I vote for people that will do the COUNTRY good and make businesses prosper which will turn our Country around.

Giving lazy folks and other Countries everything is killing our Country.

I would like our Country to become a SUPERPOWER again. I would actually like it if we took over the world and did what was best for our Citizens FIRST then we could try to fix the rest of the world.

We go to war we keep the spoils of war. Just like the ole days. I am for America DOMINATING the world.

How bout them apples.

The world is changed and will change more. Superpower is an antiquated term but I do get your drift and I would like America to be #1 and set the tone for other countries to follow.

Democrats and Republicans are antiquated and have no place in our future because obstructionist and partisan politics only benefits the people paying to get politicians elected.

Vote for whomever you like but I am waiting for a candidate who will lead, Obama did not, Bush did not, Hillary will not, Christie won’t and right now I am hoping a decisive and charismatic contender upsets the next presidential election. Someone who is not bought and paid for by the Superpacs. Its a long shot I know but its my dream that America gets someone who can lead.

Not really, my statement is accurate.

Well we share the same dream but the losers in the Country will never vote for a person who MUST do what is right for our Country because it will give the losers exactally what they deserve…NOTHING.

There are way more losers in this Country than no and the longer the Democrats have their way the more their will be and things will never change without DRASTIC MEASURES.

Likely Civil War :frowning:

The last good republican president was Reagan…


Any of them are better than any member of any party that calls themselves a Democratic.

I would rather be called a Dog Turd. Because a dog turd has more common sense.

OK sore loser then. :wink:

Haha, haven’t lost. I’m hoping the Republicans step up and do something good.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

The Republicans were elected to stop Obama.

Not govern.

The people vote for one check on him in 2012 and another check on him yesterday.

He is dangerous and a majority has recognized that.

This could get ugly.

Your lousy state (I was born there) elected the stupidest governor ever and one of the most liberal Senators ever.

What is wrong with you people?

It is funny that out state MN managed to take one branch of the legislature.

Way too many weeny liberals in the metro.

I am afraid that the ole saying will come true yet again.

Hope in one hand and crap in the other and tell me which one fills up first :frowning:

I really unfortunately feel that something terrible will have to happen before things ever really change in our Country for the better.

If we are going to hope I hope OBAMA care gets repealed. That would be a nice start and give me a little HOPE Something I have not had had in a very long time. after the last 2 presidential elections it is all but gone. Well to tell the truth the first time the turd got elected I did at least have HOPE that he might do something different and good but instead he did the same as most and f-ed us as hard as he could and now does not even show respect for our laws and rules. He is the worst thing that has happened to us in a very long time. Something tells me it will be the last time a black MAN gets elected for a very long time. Now a Black Woman Democrat she would likely get voted in next election because of all the idiots in our Country. Sad thing is I could not care if the candidates were green I just want someone that will do the very hard things that must be done. I am also certain they will only last one term because they will have to hurt all the scum to do any good and the scum votes in masses unfortunately.

People spoke , Now If we get by Meeker and Larson crowing lets see what they can do.
I doubt much will change , Civil War Meeker really ? you may want to stay out of the heat there Big Boy.

I am not Crowing as nothing mattered to me except a local commissioner I personally liked got elected.

I voted for a governor I do not like because he is the worse of two evils even though he personally screwed me on certain issues.

Yes I think nothing will ever really change until something as TERRIBLE as Civil war happens.

THE SYSTEM IS BROKE. Nothing gets done.

No one will hurt the lowest scum and take away the freebies because they will not get elected or re elected. It is a sad and terrible situation our County is in.

Honestly We need someone who does not give a F-ck like ME to change things.

Someone who will cut all foreign aid stop all foreign conflicts and fix us first. When we do have to go to war we take over and take the spoils of war.


NO ONE…Well Besides me.

Obama is just another big spending warmonger. Someone explain to our commander in chief that we have no more money to attack other countries. It’s simply a luxury we can’t afford any longer. Everyone come home.

No reason we should be their unless we have something to take or for a gain.

Bring our people home and keep them here.

They say it is to stop terrorism.

Stop it when they try to come here. Take all those folks serving overseas and put them to work bettering and protecting our Country.

If we get attacked at home and they need the help I’ll be there old as heck but damn sure ready to fight.

Stop the foreign aid to other countries. That would put us out of debt quickly.

Build the Keystone Pipeline.

Cut business taxes. Place a 10% tax on all imports.

Mandate home inspections on every home that is for sale to put millions of people to work doing the repairs needed. Have the owners pay for the repairs, and raise the price of the home to compensate for the owner’s repair fees. Sell top quality homes quickly. Put them to work doing painting, landscaping, roofs, clean-ups, etc.

Freebies? well Mr Meeker think hard on that one:roll: