Electric air handler wiring

Newer Rheem electric air handler in attic. Breaker in electrical for panel was 100 amp. There were 2 breakers/disconnects on side of unit- 60 amp. The boiler plate says maximum overcurrent protection 70/80. The 100 amp breaker would be to large, correct? Or do the 60 amp breakers on the unit suffice? Thanks in advance.

Anyone??? I’m trying to get this report out of the way so me & the wife can get outta dodge and enjoy our 5th anniversary!! Thanks.

The 100 amp breaker is protecting the conductors to the remote disconnect on the side of the unit not the unit itself.

So from the info you have given it looks OK.

So what should the breaker, in the main electrical panel, be sized at??

For the size of the wire between the panel and the remote disconnect.