Hard wired dryer

Any problem with a hard wired dryer. The ground is obvious.


Well, that’s only #12, and you need #10 for any domestic clothes dryer that I’ve ever seen. It can be legal to hard wire a clothes dryer, but it needs a disconnecting means within sight of the appliance.

You’ve pointed out the goofy way the ground is terminated, but that 3/4" romex connector is probably not rated for the 12-3 that’s running through it.

Thanks Mark, that is a good find. This house is full of things like this. Check out other posts at the plumbing section.


If one chooses to hard wire the dryer, I believe it should be in conduit.

The violation is the lack of a disconnect, and in your case the undersized wire and the use of Romex (that gets debated from time to time).