Electric furnace old Carrier

This is for the younger crowd that has never adventured into an electric furnace.

First pic shows one side of the electrical terminal that connects to the heating element where I take the amp readings at.

Second pic shows the electrical sequencer that is activated by the thermostat to bring on the heat mode. This sequencer is older than dirt as a matter of fact have not observed any other sequencers that had this physical shape.

Third Pic shows the heating element. Nichrome wire strung on ceramic insulators.

Charley, that sequencer looks like it got a little hot at one time or another how old was it.I think i may have seen one or two in my other life.Matt.

Matt don’t really know the age it was removed from an oil refinery and was at the end of its life then, and has been on my sacred scrap pile for about 10 or 12 years. If its made of metal I just can not find it in my heart to throw away:roll:

Boy, that brings back memories! I used to replace a lot of those components ‘back in the day’. Kinda wish I had pics of all the different types of sequencers used by the manufacturers back then. And restringing those elements is a real art!

I sure made alot of money working on those carrier units. I was a carrier dealer up intill this year.

Bruce; I was a Carrier dealer at one time but also Trane sold a lot of Singer for the low bids jobs.