Electric meter capabilities and limitations

Hello, I am seeking some help clarifying a question I have about electric meters.
I recently came across a 60-amp meter and downstream was a 100-amp breaker.
Does anyone know if electric meters, or the infrastructure upstream, limits the amps that can flow through the meter? Regardless of anything downstream, can more power be drawn through a meter than it is rated for?
In this case, could I pull 100-amps through a 60-amp meter, causing damage, or will I only receive 60?

Can you post a photo of the meter?

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Certainly, I appreciate the help.
I am more interested in the general question about the electric meter function, rather than this specific example
Thank you

I can’t read the label well enough to be sure, but that appears to be a new meter and I doubt it is 60 amps. Although I can’t be certain from NE Oklahoma.

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The meter will not limit the current flowing through it but if it greatly exceeds it’s value it could fail or worse. That’s looks like a 60 amp meter enclosure so I believe that you’re correct in assuming that the 100 amp OCPD is too large. Obviously that panel had been changed and it’s anyone’s guess as to what other violations exist behind the cover. More photo’s would help.


Agree. Sure looks to be 200 to me from Minnesota! :wink:


Let’s not forget the “Weakest Link” rating (as Robert pointed out above with the enclosure)!!

You have good eyes I couldn’t read it. On the other hand does it really matter if the meter itself is rated for 200 amps?


Nope, thus my comment about the ‘weakest link’.

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