Electric next to gas regulator

I would like to here your thoughts on this.

I was wondering if anyone writes up the 3 foot clearance from the gas regulator and any electrical connection that can ignite that gas. If you don’t call it out, why not. It only makes sense to me that you do no want electric next to something that has the potential to release natural gas into the air.

Gas Meter Clearance
National Fuel Gas Code 54- **“Gas meters shall be located at least 3 ft. from sources of ignition.” **Ignition is considered anything that can ignite gas, such as electric motors, switches, outlets and most exhaust/vent terminations such as furnace and/or dryer vent. 3 foot clearance also applies to windows that can be opened and/or crawlspace vents.

Gas meter yes, gas regulator no.

The code stated is for a gas meter not a regulator. If there was an electrical outlet, switch exhaust vent, etcetera near the gas meter I would write it up. (however, I rarely see such practices here)

Agreed. I don’t make up my own standards.

When I talked to the local gas company years ago, we talked about the three foot clearance needs to be from the item that can ignite gas and the port where gas can be release from.

If you know that your local AHJ has such a requirement in addition to the meter itself, then you probably should note that in your report.

Should a gas regulator vent be piped to the exterior? In commercial applications it is required.

It is required around here.