Distance from gas meter?


Whats the distance requirement for this electrical panel from the gas meter located below it?

I come up with 10" from the center of the panel to the center of the gas pipe. Hope this helps.
I question that meter install though. Shouldn’t it have a vent or baffle on it?


I agree, No regulator on the gas meter?:frowning:

Needs a 3 foot clearance here.

Meter Installation Requirements
Peoples Energy recommends that meters supplied from medium
pressure service pipes be installed outside of the building.
For medium-pressure areas in Chicago, service regulators shall
be installed. Peoples Energy’s practice is to install both the
regulators and meters outside of the structure. An outside
installation makes it easier for Peoples Energy to maintain meters
and regulators while freeing up interior space for customer use.
Gas meters shall be located:

  1. In a ventilated and readily accessible area.
  2. At least 3’ from sources of ignition (including electrical circuit
    breaker boxes, meters, and receptacles) or any sources of
    heat that may damage the meter for inside installations.
  3. A minimum of 12” above ground for outside meter installations.
    (See Figure 3 on Page 8.)
  4. Away from obstructions, such as downspouts and windows.


Here the vent the gas company requires the vent to be 36" from any part of the panel and the shut of 42". Your local utility might have something some requirements that differ.

The question was posted seven years ago. I sure hope Peter hasn’t been waiting all this time for an answer. Next time, he should use the EMERGENCY FORUM.

Anyway, what I really want to know is what is that light fixture illuminating?

Looks like an opening on the ground so must be for looking in…porch?

That is a heat lamp for the dog left out in the cold.

Good one thanks for the chuckle’s

I come across this type of condition frequently and constantly question myself that if:

… And two utilities were involved in the initial placement during construction, what makes this significantly deficient to the point that either the gas or electric utility must come move their stuff?