Electric pipe warmers in attic

It was reported that the pipes in attic had once froze. owner wrapped these yellow pipe warmers around the pipes. The warmers are operated with a wall switch and must be switched on by occupant when needed. Question - wouldn’t it be better to wrap insulation around the warmers? Does anyone have a link to a manufacturer? thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

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Hank—Google, Heat Tape.

Dang Dale. I did and opened up a Pandoras Box of information. Of particular interest is what the CPSC has to say about the product: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/pubs/5045.html

For example, replace uncertified heat tapes over 3 years old. Plug into a GFCI. Insulate only if advised by manufacturer. I’m in GA and do not come across many installations, so I have alot to learn.

By the way, thank you for the help in Structural thread regarding floor tolerances and the UPC.