Heat tapes

Any comments on finding heat tapes on pvc water lines? I inspected a modular home that was on blocks and skirting around base of home to stop drafting underneath home, water line to outdoor hose bib was wrapped with a heat tape and then pipe insulation over that. It was then plugged into an extention cord that ran about 20’ to and exterior outlet. I once heard heat tapes are not good for pvc pipes. Give me your thoughts, sorry no pics didn’t have camera with me.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. “A waterline from a hose bib plugged into a receptacle?”

That doesn’t sit right, regardless of what kind of tape is used.

Jeff, have you lived where it gets very cold?

This is not uncommon under a mobile home even with skirting though I’m not sure about the heat tape being used on pvc pipe. The heat tape mfg. application guide should be consulted.

No I haven’t (55 is cold to me). Can you explain to me what he’s referring to?

Oh, heat tapes, now I’ve got it.

I was thinking tape. Like foil tape :smiley:

Sure. It really does get as cold as -30 F here. It’s brutal.

Heat tape.jpg

More info here: http://www.mygreathome.com/fix-it_guide/heat_tape.htm

Got it Mike, thanks. It just took me a minute to. . uh. . warm up :wink:


What I found for you after a very quick search.

I suppose we could arrange to wrap in heat tape and plug you in for faster warmups:p

Thanks guys for all your help, great links, I copied them and will use them on my reports and to make aware of this to my clients. Thanks again, I am always learning something new here on the message board.

So… from the link to My Great Home the answer to the original question is…

"If your water supply piping is plastic, ONLY use automatic thermostatically controlled heat tape. Non-automatic heat tapes can damage plastic pipes, especially if the taped pipes are covered with insulation.