Heat tape?

if you were inspecting a home and found heat tape on any type of plastic pipe would you report it. I was told you cannot use heat tape on plastic pipe it may melt the pipe. I have never seen this happen to prove it but I have also not seen heat tape on anything but copper.

Poly pipe? PEX? CPVC? More specifics.

I have yet to do any inspections yet I am still trying to soak in as much knowledge as I can before I jump into it. But if I were to do an inspection and I seen heat tape on plumbing is there a certain type of pipe I would report it to be removed off of. Have you ever seen it melt a plastic pipe. I had a guy who works at a plumbing supply store tell me he heard it would melt plastic pipe but never seen it happen. Also I had wrapped heat tape around my plumbing(CPVC) but since that guy told me that I am a little worried to plug it in.

There are many types of heat tape and heat cables. They have a variety of temperatures. The one’s found at the big box stores are the lower temperature type and I would have no issue with installation on PEX or CPVC. Highly unlikely there would be commercial grade heat tape present at the higher temperatures.

If you see heat tape do you report it as an FYI or point it out to the buyer and move on. I’ve came acrossed it a few times in both vented and condition crawlspaces and covered by insulation and wrapped around inslated pipes. If I were buying the home I would like to know. Heat tape is not a defect but does indicated possible prior frozen pipes.

Yep…agree with John.
Everything should be looked at as a clue and we are detectives.

Or a homeowner that is thinking proactively :slight_smile:

alright this conversation helped with my personal situations and my future inspections thanks guys